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NJ.COM - "Bliss" In Greenville

Greenville exhibit Highlighted," by N.J. Com .

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Dozens of handmade works by Greenville residents decorated the walls of the Ocean Green Senior Apartments, located at 742 Ocean Ave, another stop in JCAST. Past the lobby and to the right was a room filled with more pieces of art that were inspired by the Greenville community, the artists said.

“Happiness” was the theme of the Ocean Green Gallery .

Melida Rodas — was featured in the show. It combined nature and multimedia in the gallery.

The artists say it is difficult to get a space to showcase their work, and were upset about the shutdown of the Jersey City Museum.

Though the room for Saturday’s show was not equivalent to a museum space, they said that didn’t matter much to them.

Residents were “blown away,” by the art. But all artists agreed their main goal is to inspire others to elevate themselves and show they can do it too.

“It’s one city, one people,” Rodas said. “It’s so people know we exist together – Downtown and Greenville."


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