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ART teaches us the history of man, his beliefs and his aspirations. 


ART engages us in the politics of the world and allows us to have our say through self expression.


ART involves us in mathematics and chemistry when we measure, mix and explore its elements.


ART engages us in modern science, technology and engineering as the tools we use for creating are constantly evolving and being reinvented. We explore these realms as inventors ourselves through design and ingenuity.


ART surpasses any language in its capacity to be universal.

Art transcends into all fields of study. It enhances our way of thinking as it is analytical and philosophical. Its value surpasses pure aesthetics.


Art's important contribution to mankind is its ability to help us view our world differently. It enables us to explore our own identity and culture but it also enables us to find a common ground with others. Essentially it allows us to feel compassion and kindness towards the world in general.


History proves to us that when one strips a civilization of its art it inevitably leads to its decline. 


ART IS CULTURE  and OUR LEGACY to future generations.



You see...

I may be able to teach a child the principals of design as I may be able to teach a student the difference between a Neolithic and a Renaissance sculpture, but that would not satisfy my purpose.


Art is so much more than that. Teaching is so much more than that.

I believe that Art is just as important as any academic field of study.

Because Art is also:

A voice,

A valuable tool for survival,

A key element 

in exploring the world around us


A vehicle for change

Melida Rodas 

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