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Rodas among Literary Greats : Hemingway, Whitman, Frost, Joyce ...


Table of Contents

Literature and Work

Table of Contents


I.          Work: Definitions and Ideals

from Autobiography (moral perfection, virtues, chart, “when men are employ'd, they are

best content'd”); “Way to Wealth” — Ben Franklin                                

from “Life without Principle” — Henry David Thoreau                            

“The Tuft of Flowers” — Robert Frost                                                               

“A Clean Well-Lighted Place” — Ernest Hemingway                                         

“What Work Is” — Philip Levine                                                                       

II.        Entering the Work Force

“A & P” — John Updike                                                                                   

“Goodfellows” — Antonya Nelson                                                                    

“Orientation” — Daniel Orozco                                                             

III.       Hard Work and Hard Times: The Working Poor

“Under the Lion’s Paw” Hamlin Garland”                                                         

“Chicago” — Carl Sandburg                                                                              

“Washerwoman” — Carl Sandburg                                                                   

“Harlem Dancer” — Claude McKay                                                                  

from Working, “Waitress” — Studs Terkel                                                        

“Those Winter Sundays” — Robert Hayden                                                       

“I Stand Here Ironing” — Tillie Olsen                                                                

“Waiting Table” — Karl Rompf                                                             

“Digger Laid Off” — Jim Daniels                                                                       

“Tom Wayman” — “Factory Time”                                                                   

from Nickel-and-Dimed — Barbara Ehrenreich                                     

“I Hate My Job” — Cam’Ron                                                                           

IV.       The Immigrant Experience

from The Jungle — Upton Sinclair

“Plane Wreck at Los Gatos (Deportee)” — Woody Guthrie                               

“Cakes” — Salvatore La Puma

“Mariah” — Jamaica Kincaid                                                                             

“So Mexicans Are Taking Jobs from Americans” — Jimmy Santiago Baca         

“Jorge the Church Janitor Finally Quits” — Martín Espada                                 

“El Olor de Cansansio (The Smell of Fatigue)” — Melida Rodas            

V.        Class Struggle and the Dynamics of Power

“Chimney Sweeper” (versions from Innocence and Experience)                      

“John Henry”                                                                                                   

“Counterparts” — James Joyce                                                             

“‘Butch’ Weldy” — Edgar Lee Masters                                                 

The Hairy Ape — Eugene O’Neill                                                                     

from Working (Steelworker, Mike Lefevre) — Studs Terkel                              

VI.       Race, Gender, and the Dynamics of Power

“Colored Women and Work” — Sojourner Truth                                              

“Five Dollar Fight” (from Black Boy) — Richard Wright                        

“The Five-Forty Eight” — John Cheever                                                

“Marks” — Linda Pastan                                                                                   

“Song of the Fisher Wife” — Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni

VII.     Work and Ethics

“Prodigal Son” — Luke                                                                         

“Written in London, September 1802”                                                 

“Bartleby, the Scrivener” — Herman Melville                                         

“Editor Whedon” — Edgar Lee Masters                                                

“The Use of Force” — William Carlos Williams                                     

“Highway Patrolman” — Bruce Springsteen                                                       

“The Lie” — T. C. Boyle                                                                                   

VIII.    Work: Fulfillment and Disillusionment

“The Solitary Reaper” — William Wordsworth                                      

“I Hear America Singing” — Walt Whitman                                                       

“In a Station of the Metro” — Ezra Pound                                                         

“Fish Crier” — Carl Sandburg                                                                           

“Digging” — Seamus Heaney                                                                             

“Autumn in Martins Ferry,” — James Wright                                                      

“Ex-Basketball Player” — John Updike                                                 

“Hay for the Horses” — Gary Snyder                                                                

“Assembly Line” — Shu-Ting                                                                            

“Dr. Shy” — Stephen Paul Miller                                                                       

“Working in a Public Elementary School” — Adriane Giebel    


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