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" Melida is one of the top one percent of Students I have taught in the past 20 years as an English Professor," Ellen Garvey, Author of Writing with Scissors

"Her enegament with Arts advocacy in Jersey City and dedication she has shown towards supporting education in Hudson County are noteworthy and show a rare dedication to the ideals she holds deeply," Martin Kruck, Fine Arts Department Chair, NJCU 

" ( Melida )  - Passionate, Compassionate, Calm, Composed, Empathetic, Cheerful ...she has my highest recommendation,"

Dr. Edvidge Giunta, Writer, Editor, Scholar -   

- A Raven Like a Writing-Desk: Lewis Carroll through James Joyce's Looking Glass 

- Writing With an Accent: Contemporary Italian American Women Authors

- various other books and publications

FROM the desk of MARTIN KRUCK:

I am writing this letter to recommend a remarkable artist and future educator, Melida Rodas, to you for the position she is applying.  I have known Ms. Rodas as one of her undergraduate instructors in our BFA program.  During this time I was able to witness the development of her artistic vision through various expansive and interrelated projects that she initiated.  Also, in my capacity as Chair of the Art Department, I have also been able to track her recent accomplishments and gather feedback from her associates.


Ms. Rodas's artistic working method involves extensive research into her ideas, applicable processes and materials, and follows diverse lines of inquiry as her work evolves.  I have no doubt that Melida would pass the qualities on to the students she engages. Ms. Rodas always accomplishes the projects she undertakes with professionalism and attention to detail.  This level of commitment is in keeping with what we would expect from an exceptional student and an excellent indicator of her ability as an educator. She has a broad fluency in contemporary media, and while her studies here were primarily in Ceramics, she is equally fluent in various forms of Printmaking/Book Arts and exhibition materials and strategies. 


Melida is a pleasure to work with, offering resources and energy toward collaborative studio efforts, both in technical and creative capacities, which consistently contribute to a positive working environment. She is a talented artist who shares support throughout the faculty and amongst her peers. You will find her to be professional, good natured and prepared, and an asset to your program. Her recent engagement with Arts adocacy in Jersey City and the dedication she has shown toward supporting education in Bayonne and Hudson County are noteworthy and show rare dedication to the ideals she hold deeply. Melida would mke for an active and devoted colleague.


In conclusion, I would like to give Melida Rodas the highest possible recommendation.  She is an energetic, responsible and dedicated artist. I have no doubt that Ms. Rodas would be a positive addition to your staff and school.  Please contact me if you need any additional information.



Martin Kruck, Chair

Art Deptartment, New Jersey City University


FROM  the desk of ELLEN GARVEY :


"Years ago, her artwork and writing were separate. In her work since then, she has learned to bring together her explorations in the visual arts and her writing. In her BFA show, "Elefante," she discovered unique ways to combine ceramics and writing. She told stories with clay, with writing and photographs, with the textures of elephant skin, and words that explored her memories. It was a testament not only to Melida's own artistry, but to her imaginative engagement with the challenge of telling stories in the varied media she has mastered. It is this unique, imaginative engagement that she brings to her teaching as well, and which will enrich your school and your students. 

Melida is one of the top one percent of students I have taught in my twenty years as an English professor at New Jersey City University. I am confident that she will be an asset to your school."


~Ellen Gruber Garvey, Ph.D.

Professor, Department of English, New Jersey City University


Author, "Writing with Scissors: American Scrapbooks from the Civil War to the Harlem Renaissance"


"Melida is passionate about everything she undertakes--and she always excels. My colleagues at NJCU and

elsewhere and fellow writers speak highly of her. There is no doubt in my mind that she will do beautifully in any

endeavor she chooses to pursue. Her compassion, cheerfulness, calm composure, and especially her empathic

interest in human beings, especially those who have suffered, those who are stigmatized as different, make her an ideal candidate for a teaching position. 

In her classroom, nobody is a second-class citizen. 


She has my highest recommendation." 


~ Dr. Edvige Giunta Professor of English, NJCU, Editor, Author  (201) 200-3086 (office)

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